Teens & Young Adults

Meet with us at 9am on Sundays as we explore the Bible together, look into difficult topics, and discover the purpose God has for our lives. Also, get connected for other events, trips, and hangouts. Pat & Tim Rush and Margie Herrington are the directors. If you have any questions, just call at 330-704-0949. Christ Community Church TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS: purpose, mission, connection, helping others, learning about Christ & His plan for us!

Thank you for a wonderful school year- we hope to continue in the 2021-2022 school year!

Check back throughout the summer for an update.

Are you a student at Carrollton Jr./Sr. High? Check out QUEST! Quest is a before school interactive hangout tackling topics like peer pressure, stress, purpose, time management, respect, priorities & more from a Christian perspective. Join us Fridays at 6:30-7am for life lessons, questions & answers, and donuts/pastries at the Carrollton Jr./Sr. High MAIN AUDITORIUM!

Everyone is Welcome!