Men of God are needed today more than ever, and more than we'd like to admit- men need each other. We explore the Bible verse by verse and extract what God to us as men. Discover with us how we can apply Biblical truth to glorify God, love our families, strengthen one another, and to help us grow in the knowledge of Jesus as men. Meet with us this Sunday, and every Sunday, from 8-8:45am in CCC's fellowship Hall.


EveryMan men's ministry means just what it says, EVERY MAN. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey as a man, EveryMan is meant for you. At each EveryMan gathering we'll feast on breakfast, dig in to the Bible, and from our time and talk together we'll have a brotherhood. The EveryMan gathering is designed to spiritually meet you where you're at and help you to grow into the man of God that Jesus desires for every man.

Meet monthly on Saturdays at 7am, Free Breakfast and steadfast fellowship.

The next gathering will be Dec. 5 at 7am.

More info: See the graphic below, 330-735-2127,