bring the message of eternal forgiveness...

We bring Good News, the news that Jesus Christ offers forgiveness to sinners... that's everyone. Every Christian has the privileged responsibility to share the Good News (Matt. 28:18-20) and we do that joyfully through various means:

  • Personally- in our daily life through relationships and friendships.
  • Corporately- together on scheduled Church outreaches that involve serving and blessing others.
  • Worship Service- every Sunday during the worship service we let everyone know that Jesus forgives sin and we publicly make the offer to receive Jesus as Lord & Savior.

Evangelism is a high priority for God and so it is for CCC; every soul matters.

Our corporate outreaches happen once every 4-6 weeks from a variety of means: giving restaurant servers blessing packs, Annual Trunk or Treat, Mobile Church Services, etc.

If you have an idea or are curious about evangelism or an outreach, or would like to be a part of an outreach, just let us know at

upcoming outreaches:


We want to bless those that serve others...

All around us, especially during this past year, we've seen people in service industry positions working extremely hard... And we want to bless them. Whether they work in the medical, restaurant, delivery industry or in another service industry, we'll be giving these SERVICE INDUSTRY BLESSING PACKS to them starting J.


Now-June 27, BRING: K-Cups or 2oz. bags of coffee, pack of gum, chocolate bars, mints, individual kleenex packs, mini crosses, prepacked mask, bottle of water, water flavor packets, (bags, pens, & info cards supplied by CCC).

June 27, ASSEMBLE: Assemble the Blessing Packs directly after the service in the sanctuary.

July 4, PRAY OVER & DELIVER: During the Sunday service we'll pray over the Blessing Packs, each person will take one, and then prayerfully deliver theirs to someone who works in a service industry.