Our Core Values are about bringing Glory to God.

We were created by God in His image so that by expressing

His nature and character, our lives can glorify Him.

Glory To God- Throughout God's Word the glory of God is echoed and it is our joy and duty to proclaim His glory throughout this life in everything we do, say and think.

Our Relationship With God- The things we do in and as members of the church are not to fulfill a religious duty, or gain God's favor. We believe we enter into God's favor being reconciled to Him through Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Therefore all our worship and devotion is a means by which we seek to connect with God, know Him better, and love Him more.

High View of Scripture- Scripture is the compass by which we navigate through life. It is Truth and God's revelation about Himself, His view & commentary of mankind and all things. We live and teach to God's glory by the Bible.

Joy & Worship- God gives us the freedom to have joy in Him because of Who He is and by what He has done for us. It is our pleasure to enjoy Him and to manifest our joy to Him in all things. What is proclaimed in our worship on Sunday morning is an overflow of encountering and experiencing God during the week.

One Another- Our culture finds value in how people look, what they have, and what they can do. We find value in being uniquely created by God to bear His image. Hence, we treat one another with Christian honor, respect, and care.

Authenticity- We know that we are a work in progress. We also know that the work cannot progress unless we are real with God, with others, and with ourselves. We strive to be more Christ-like: every day and everywhere.

Integrity- We make it our aim to consistently stand on and live by the principles found in Scripture; regardless of the struggles, what our culture deems acceptable, or whether anyone is watching.

Community- We desire to interact with others in a mutually uplifting and strengthening environment. Therefore, we will work to promote Biblical unity and harmony, serve one another in love and choose to sacrifice our personal preferences to serve the God's Kingdom.

God's Kingdom- We want to see the realm of God's love, power, influence, and blessing expand in our lives, in our homes, in our community, and in our world.