We believe that every Christian should be discipled, be Biblically literate, and able to know why they believe what they believe so that we can engage a world that is in desperate need for the power, love, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

It's within this context that we provide a place that's safe to ask the hard questions and discuss the

life giving answers while getting educated inside the boundaries of Sunday School.

Sunday School happens Sundays for children, youth, and adults 9-9:45AM on the lower level of CCC's campus.

The Children's Church Ministry takes place during the Sunday morning sermon.

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Thursdays in the Word... 

God works miracles and sometimes, as amazing of a truth as that is, we sometimes forget about that. In this THURSDAYS IN THE WORD series, THE WORKS & MIRACLES of JESUS, we'll explore why Jesus performed miracles, look at the work He did as the Son of God, and view the awe inspiring work that Jesus did in His earthly ministry.

Thursdays at 10am

An interactive teaching for anyone & everyone whether you're unfamiliar with Christianity or a seasoned veteran.

Every Thursday we'll gather together for about an hour and take an in depth look at the Bible.

We'll dive into practical and difficult topics as well as individual books of the Bible.

Geared toward introducing you to Jesus Christ and helping you to grow spiritually, be a part of 'Thursdays in the Word' every Thursday at 10am.

Teens Sunday School Ministry

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We have a mixture of high school students & young adults. We study the Bible in total, talk about life issues from a Biblical perspective, have parties that involve games, prizes & food and make trips to awesome places!!!

Each week is ended with prayer requests and encouragement for each other!
Everyone of the young people that are a part of this ministry are loved so much… they’re

fantastic! If you’re looking for connection–

Christ Community Church Teens & Young adults is the place to be!


teachers: Tim & Pat Rush

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Children's Church

Every Sunday morning we are creating a deeper BIBLE experience for kids using the “Dig In” curriculum. Old & New Testament scriptures are taught as the basis for each week’s lesson. Fun activities such as games, crafts, music, or even science experiments are used to reinforce the theme of the day. On the fourth Sunday of each month, P.U.F.F. (Puppets Uniting Faith & Family) will teach biblical truths in a fun, entertaining way!

Adult Sunday School

A compilation of divine writings that has stood the test of time since its debut thousands of years ago, the book of Proverbs remains the 'go to' for wisdom in both realms of the sacred and the secular. Join us on Sundays at 9am for Adult Sunday School as we dive into this treasure chest of a collection of God's insights into the heart, mind, and life of mankind.