fireside chats

Some of the best conversations happen in a relaxed & laid-back atmosphere.

And that's exactly what we'll have when we gather together around the fire for...

April 21, 2024

Location: CAMP NEOSA

You're invited to get together around a backyard bonfire with food, people, and good conversation.

We'll be talking about one or two questions that have to do with God, the Bible, faith, and/or life.

Everyone will have an opportunity to chime in- if you want.

We will meet monthly on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 5PM.  What to bring?... just a lawn chair, a dish/dessert/beverage if you want (or not), and ask a friend, too-

they're always welcomed. Oh, and if you have a guitar or another instrument... bring it! We'll sing around the fire.

And if it rains, we'll bring it all inside- not a problem.

This'll be a relaxed, laid-back time with friends, food, fun, fire, & good conversation. We can't wait to sit around the fire with you.


(January-March) if you can HOST Fireside Chats in your HOME, BARN, GARAGE, ANYWHERE INSIDE please let us know at 330-735-2127

1st Sunday Family Potluck

May 5, 2024

On the 1st Sunday of each month directly after the 10am church service, we have our potluck family dinner. Bring what you want and bring enough for people to share. If you're a new guest or time got the best of you this week, please don't feel under any compulsion to bring anything- there'll be plenty and our potluck will be a gift to you!