MINISTRIES... serving God, serving others

We get the word 'ministry' or 'ministries' from the Greek word 'diakonia', and those who do ministry are ministers or 'diakonos'. That describes the roll and function of each person that follows Jesus... we are all MINISTERS. All forms of ministry, undergirded by the love of Jesus, have three main functions: to Glorify God, Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Serve People. Ministry encompasses the entire life of each believer in Jesus Christ; so ministry happens at church, home, school, work- throughout the entirety of our life. The ministries at CCC specifically use our giftings, (gifts/talents given by God to each believer to accomplish His will), to bless and serve others. Below are the ministries that CCC offers to serve our community. Click on the following Ministries to find out more about what CCC does... CHILDREN, INFANT-TODDLER, MEN, WOMEN, TEEN, WORSHIP, ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL, OUTREACH