Sometimes we need an encouragement, a 'pick me up', or a simple note that lets us know that someone is praying for us. The Barnabas Ministry does that. With a mixture of ladies that faithfully pool their talents together to ensure that the church, and the community, have greeting cards that express that 'just right' sentiment that's needed. From 'Thank you', 'Happy Birthday', to 'Anniversary' and everything in between cards, the Barnabas ministry has exactly what you need to deliver your thoughts. And one of the best parts of this ministry is that each card is free!  So the next time you need a greeting card just come to CCC, look in the back of the sanctuary, and find the perfect card for your need.

Want to be apart of this ministry in making greeting cards? 

Meetings: TUESDAYS from 9am-12pm!  For more information:  

By email, send to or by calling the church office at 330-735-2127!