Covid-19 Update

Christ Community Church COVID UPDATE 08/03/21

After meeting with our Elders (via joint phone conference) we have jointly made the decision to offer Sunday 10am worship as we normally do. We will be offering Sunday service at 10am ONLY, (no Sunday School), with the entire family worshiping together throughout the entirety of the 10am service. Worship music will be available and one of our elders, Stan Davala, will be preaching. However, there will be no potluck dinner this Sunday; this will be postponed until Sept. 5.

Between now and Saturday evening, the church building will be closed to all walk ins and a deep cleaning will happen later this week. However, our MSA, Jean Kohler, will be in the building during regular business hours (9-1, Mon.-Fri.) to handle administrative needs. 

As stated, we will continue with this Sunday’s 10am service. We want to handle this as we have before by having people exercise their freedom as to whether or not they would like to meet together to worship at CCC. And like last time, the building will be sanitized, we will provide masks, we already have spaced seating, and as always there will be sanitizing stations available.

In keeping with respecting your right to choose to engage in corporate worship, or not, we want to ensure that the sacredness of corporate worship is kept available. As always, we cannot stress enough that during a time like this, if you choose to worship at the building OR from your home via live broadcast: we respect your choice.

Please know that the elders and I are open for questions. Despite the circumstances, we will continue to worship our King. Covid continues to pose a challenge but these circumstances will pass… and ultimately-Christ is always in control. 

Blessings to you,

Pastor Scott